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First Place

Sadie Valeri

Bottle Collection

Oil on panel

18 x 24 inches


Second Place

Matthew Almy

Brass Pots and Eucalyptus

Oil on wood

16 x 20 inches


Third Place

K Henderson

Happy Hour

Oil on canvas

20 x 24 inches

Honorable Mentions

Thimgan Hayden

Summer Flowers

Oil on linen

20 x 16 inches

Joel Carson Jones

Shadows of Youth

Oil on panel

11 x 14 inches

Jeffrey T. Larson

Reflections of an Artist

Oil on canvas

24 x 40 inches

Jeffrey T. Larson


Oil on canvas

50 x 30 inches

Guy-Anne Massicotte

Roses and Candies

Oil on canvas

24 x 36 inches

Walter Rane

Oil and Spirits

Oil on board

11.5 x 19.5 inches

Jordan Sokol

Studio, Florence

Oil on canvas

20 x 14 inches