Yours is hands down the the best fine art website

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Yours is hands down the the best fine art website

From Alex Wells

Published before 2005

Yours is hands down the the best fine art website I have found yet on the internet. It's so nice to "visit" a REAL art gallery--one that displays the works of artists dedicated to beauty, rather than to giving offense. It was precisely the obnoxious nihilistic attitude that I observed in my fellow art students that led me away from painting and drawing when I was in high school. I've never ceased to be an art lover, however, and I know that anytime I want to view beautiful images all I have to do is visit ARC. In my humble opinion, the difference between an artist and an anti-artist, fundamentally, is that the artist does not hate his viewers, while the anti-artist thinks of his viewers with condescension and contempt. Art has the power to touch, perhaps even help heal the soul, in the midst of life's many pressures and banalities. It is important that we not confuse art with what is in reality its opposite: the anti-art which confuses and abases the spirit!

I have two suggestions to make for painters whose works I would like to see on ARC in the future. They were both German painters of classical subjects, Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880) and Ivo Saliger (1894-1987), whose work Feuerbach appears to have influenced. Thank you for caring enough about art to create your magnificent website.