Early Picasso

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Early Picasso

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Mani Deli wrote:
Critics always point out Picasso's early drawing skills by showing his now famous academic charcoal drawing of a foot and of a torso.

My memory leads me to believe these were copied from Bargue's book. I haven't the references at hand at the moment. Can anyone here verify whether I'm correct on this?

All of Picasso's supposed early works were done by his father and Picasso passed them off as his own work after his father's death as per a very credible Spanish website with huge amounts of evidence. But I would suggest that any of you look at those early works that were signed 'P. Ruiz Blasco' and compare them to Picasso works from 19 years old and after that are signed 'Picasso'. Anyone who has experience looking at works of art will tell you they are clearly by different hands. Picasso is now thought to have put a loop on the 'J' in front of his father's signature on all those early works. But as soon as you see any works signed Picasso, even from the same year when he was 19, there is clearly no similarity. How did he suddenly lose all of his skill and training on every sketch that was signed Picasso?

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http://www.picassocontrepicasso.com/research_docs_e.htm Fred