Zahourek's anatomy

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Zahourek's anatomy

From McConn

Published before 2005

Some mention was made of anatomy in top ten books discussion so I wanted to throw this out. There was a system of teaching anatomy termed the Zahourek method. I took a few classes with a person who studied with Jon Zahourek, the system's founder. Basically, one sculpts (builds) the bones in plasteline clay, as well as the tendons and muscles - the Zahourek method proper actually has a pre-formed skeleton on which to add the clay muscles and tendons, we just built the skeleton ourselves. The bones were built with black plasteline clay, the tendons with a very light colored plasteline and the muscles with a basic red/brown plasteline clay - which allows for a visually obvious anatomical discernment. One half of the body is left with only the black skeleton, the other half with the muscles and tendons added to the underlying skeleton, so as to allow for both skeleton and fascia referral. I mention this because many body workers, physical therapists and even pilates instructors have implemented this methodology in order to teach anatomy. So if there is not an art school proper in the area teaching anatomy, one of the above mentioned groups might.

Personally, I found the method very effective and visceral - nothing like actually 'building" the body from the ground up all in 3D. As well, a flexible armature allows a person to rather easily adjust the model in any position for specific reference, quite useful when a live model is not immediately handy.