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How Pollock Can Change Your ...

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

I have to agree with Brian.

Why is it a good thing to be spontaneous?

But consider that Pollock’s randomness was considered to have been controlled randomness. That’s why his work is thought to be brilliant due to his “genius” in controlling the dripping process. But now that’s a contradiction isn’t it? If control is worthwhile, then why not control all the way down to …. do I dare say …. eye/hand coordination of human beings, which by their nature have, whether by random natural selection, or by heavenly design …. have naturally developed the ability to do fine art. And the highest levels of what human beings can aspire when it comes to fine art, is to create well-crafted poetic images about the human condition, which can communicate to men of all times.

Why aspire to un-evolve? Why is it a good thing to make the process less the outcome of the actualization of human potential? Why is it “artistic” to drip instead of paint?

If controlling the drips is worthwhile, then “control” is worthwhile, and dripping is a bad way to have control.

Next, why is dripping spontaneous? Have you not chosen to set up a canvas and drip paint on it to create an object of art? That is not spontaneous, so why is the dripping then a planned activity, any more spontaneous than careful painting of reality or fantasy?

If it can be considered spontaneous to drip it’s no less spontaneous to draw and paint.

If you take the human decision out of the event, then nothing artistic will happen, unless we decide that all of nature is a work of art ….. but then why do anything? Nature without man was doing just fine.

Once you accept that we’re human beings who have to manipulate our environment to accomplish anything, then why not accept that, and once you accept that, then the most developed and skilled rendering of the most sophisticated and well trained creative minds create objects of great value …. to other humans who recognize the “art” in what they have done.

Spontaneity and randomness have nothing to do with the process of making art. Trying to capture a scene of people relating to each other spontaneously, might be quite worthwhile …. but the act of making that object is anything but spontaneous .... and frankly that’s a good thing.