Hockney, Holbien, Memlinc & melons

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Hockney, Holbien, Memlinc & melons

From Travis Louie

Published before 2005

You know what though, . . .

I resent that someone with basically no real art training comes along and writes this nonsense and people actually start to believe his very unscientific claims. Now I've said all this before and so I'll stop for now, . . . but the "Bouguereau-thing", . . . I really don't cut a lot of critics any slack, but when it comes to Hockney talking about that Bouguereau painting in his book as if he's some kind of expert on that type of painting, how can I not get annoyed?!? Let's face it, in a dream he couldn't paint as well as Bouguereau. It would take Hockney about 35 years just to catch up to someone at my skill level (and I'm one of the mediocre guys!) not even close to a Bouguereau. That said, he doesn't have a point of reference to pass that kind of trivial judgement. Hey, . . . I'm not saying that the painting in question is one of Bouguereau's masterworks either, but I'll take it any day of the week over a Hockney. His self-important, little "brushby" review of that painting is like some little leaguer trying to tell a professional shortstop like Nomar Garciaparra how to field a "chopper". He stinks!