Oil Painting using Zorn Palette on Zoom

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Oil Painting using Zorn Palette on Zoom

23 May, 2020 to 13 June, 2020

USD 35

Oil Painting using Zorn Palette on Zoom with Juri Umagami
Every Saturday | 2:00pm -3:00pm

$35 / meeting

Sign Up HERE: https://app.enrollsy.com/enroll/kline-academy-of-fine-art?lId=cjyj9d4s50jmt0128ovx9cmsv&pId=ck9j1wf8uoqif0774f5b93t7e

Visit https://www.klineacademy.com/live-zoom-classes to to view more Zoom Classes!

Juri will show a 'how to' demo on classical oil painting using a limited, Zorn palette in this one hour meeting. Students can join at any time as each week covers a different subject: cropped master copy (eye, hand, fruit, skull...), still life, animal portrait etc.

You will receive a reference photos & other materials for homework. Beginners & Teens are welcome.

Classes will meet on a free app / online platform ZOOM (https://zoom.us/).

Zoom ID# and Password for your meetings will be sent once you enroll.