5th Circle

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Robert Liberace

21st Century Realist artist and teacher

5th Circle

91.4 x 121.9 cms | 36 x 48 ins
Oil on linen

“The painting 5th Circle expresses my fascination with the active human figure and my desire to capture the power and poetry that results from the detailed description of the body in dramatic poses. The painting also explores both the interesting visual effects of light and the narrative power that light embodies. Dante's Inferno provides the inspiration for this painting and the dark underworld he envisions creates a fiery backdrop for the action. The burning shoreline creates an apocalyptic atmosphere representing the darker realms of the human soul. The flames illuminate one side of the ferryman with a sharp searing light as he moves toward a contrasting cooler light shining in from the opposite side. This clear softer light evokes a desire of the soul to seek Paradise.” – Robert Liberace