10th ARC Scholarship (2009)

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The ARC Scholarship Fund distributes $30,000 in direct scholarships to aid students at ARC Approved™ art academy and atelier schools.

The Art Renewal Center® is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Annual Scholarship Competition. Now in its ninth year, the ARC Scholarship program has helped students from all over the world continue their studies at ARC Approved Ateliers and Schools. The ARC has awarded over $130,345 in Scholarships to art students, and we are scheduled to give out another $30,000 this year. The ARC strives to ensure that current and future generations of artists receive proper instruction in the traditional and classical methods of representational art.

This year we have continued with $30,000 in scholarships, through the donations of many of our members and through the continued financial support from a sponsor of the classical tradition. We very much appreciate their support for this year's scholarship recipients and look forward to working together in the future to assist more promising students in their education.

This Year's Judges

Nelson Shanks: ARC Living Master™, Nelson Shanks has served as professor at the University of the Arts and as distinguished visiting professor in Fine Arts at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. since l990. He is one of the most sought-after teachers in the world and founder of the post-graduate school, Incaminati. His work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries around the globe, and his commissioned portraits include such noted figures as Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II and Bill Clinton. He is currently represented by the Forum Gallery in New York City.

Fred Ross: Current Chairman of Art Renewal Center® and well-known collector of 19th century European and Victorian paintings. Mr. Ross has achieved the reputation of being one of two acknowledged world experts on William Bouguereau and is the current President of the Bouguereau Committee. Fred received his MA in Art Education from Columbia University. Widely published, his advice and scholarship is currently sought after by museums, galleries, collectors, art historians and all the major auction houses.


This Year's Winners

First Place, with honoraria of $5,000 have been awarded to two promising young students, Angela Cunningham, from The Grand Central Academy of Art in NY, New York and Elisabeth Ehmann, from The Grand Central Academy of Art in NY, New York.

Jacob Collins, Director of the Grand Central Academy says of Angela Cunningham: "Her talent is only matched by her work ethic. I expect great things from Angela, and I give her my highest recommendation.". Scott Waddell, instructor at Grand Central Academy refers to Elisabeth Ehmann's reputation for talent, intellect and kindness:"...her reputation was a mere suggestion of who she is. Her talent is among the highest, her intellect is keen and she has consistently been one of the kindest and most thoughtfull people to work with..." Jacob Collins, Director of the Grand Central Academy finds Amelia Landes Taylor "extraodinarily focused and intense ... with great energy and ambition, realizing her natural talent." Michael John Angel, Director of the Angel Academy of Art says of Christina Mastrangelo:"... her work is exemplary and her commitment to representational painting is absolute." Andreas Birath, Assistant Director of The Florence Academy of Art in Sweden describes Nick Alm as showing "an exceptional work ethic. In his first trimester he achieved what normally requires two or more trimesters for other students." Jacob Collins, Director of the Grand Central Academy writes that Gregory Mortenson has become a "fine draughtsman, now applying himself to painting."

The Second Place awards of $4,000, go to two students this year, Amelia Landes Taylor, for the Adrian Gottlieb Studio & Atelier, and Chrisitna Mastrangelo of the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Winning the third place prize of $2,500 are Gregory Mortenson, of the Grand Central Academy of Art of NY, New York, and Nick Alm of the Florence Academy of Art in Molndol, Sweden.

The Fourth Place prizes of $2,000 this year were awarded to two students, Inga Loyev, of the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy and David Gluck.

The Fifth Place prizes of $1,250 this year were awarded to two students, Juan Pablo Ruiz Carpio and Naomi Marino of Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Winning the Sixth Place prize of $500 is Robbie Clemmer, of Florence Academy of Art in Molndol, Sweden.

Purchase Awards have been given to David Gluck in the amount of $1,300 for the painting Naomi; Elisabeth Ehmann in the amount of $2,200 for the painting Alexandra I, $2,400 for the painting Jessica, and $1,750 for the painting Santiago; and Angela Cunningham in the amount of $1,800 for the painting Maria.

On behalf of our Chairman, Fred Ross and everyone here at Art Renewal Center® well-deserved congratulations are extended to all of our scholarship recipients. We thank these young talented artists and the fine institutions in which they study for their dedication and upholding of the finest artistic traditions of history and the best hopes of future advancement of the arts, and we wish them continued success on their artistic journeys.


2 First Place Winners - $5,000 ($10,000)

$1,750 purchase award

Elisabeth Ehmann


Graphite and colored pencil on toned paper, 2009

20x18 inches

Angela Cunningham

Cast Painting

Oil on Canvas, 2009

22 x 18 inches

4 Second Place Winners - $4,000 ($16,000)

Christina Grace Mastrangelo

Milica II La Posa

Oil on canvas, 2008

61 x 37 cms

Christina Grace Mastrangelo


Oil on canvas, 2009

24 x 18 cms

Amelia Landes Taylor

Satyr Hanging from a Nail

Graphite on paper, 2008

20 x 16 inches

Amelia Landes Taylor


Graphite and chalk on toned paper, 2009

20 x 16 inches

2 Third Place Winners - $2,500 ($5,000)

Nick Alm

Before the Fight

Oil on canvas, 2008

56 x 44 cms

Gregory Mortenson

Juan Michael

Oil on linen, 2009

9 x 8 inches

2 Fourth Place Winners - $2,000 ($4,000)

Inga Loyev

Self Portrait at 20

Charcoal on paper, 2008

55 x 40 inches

$1,300 purchase award

David Gluck


Carbon pencil, 2009

20 x 14 inches

2 Fifth Place Winners - $1,250 ($2,500)

Naomi Marino

Giuliano de' Medici

Oil on canvas, 2009

70 x 50 cms

Juan Pablo Ruiz Carpio

Self Portrait

Charcoal on paper, 2008

30 x 22 cms

1 Sixth Place Winner - $500 ($500)

Robbie Clemmer

Gerd - Model Study

Charcoal on white Roma paper, 2008

74 x 35 centimeters

2 Purchase Award Winners ($4,000)

$2,200 purchase award

Elisabeth Ehmann


Graphite on toned paper with white pencil, 2007

20 x 18 inches

$1,800 purchase award

Angela Cunningham


Pencil on paper, 2009

8 x 6 inches