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Eric Johnson

Aged 25

Academy of Realist Art Boston

Instructor(s): Cindy MacMillan

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Limited Palette (Burnt Unber)

Limited Palette (Lead White)

Limited Palette in progress

Rembrandt Mastercopy

Charcoal and White Chalk

Color Study of Summer


Limited Palette

Tenebrism Still Life

Vivianite Blue Ochre


Me, Myself and Hyde

Eric Johnson. Academy of Realist Art Boston

In 2014, my application was denied to study at Grand Central Academy, I was crushed. I

continued to pursue the academic training that I knew I would need reach a greater level of

sophistication in my own work. To this, the Academy of Realist Art Boston was swift to accept

me as their scholarship student for the first year. My enthusiastic and obsessive personality

combined with fine workmanship enabled me to excel at drawing and painting. Since then my

life has changed dramatically, I have become an instructor at ARA Boston, paint maker,

husband and a father. Currently, I have one year of training left at the ARA Boston, I will be the

second person to complete the entire program.

As an artist and instructor I feel an overwhelming responsibility to openly share information

without any gross pontification. Kenyon Cox asserts that the classic spirit loves to steep itself in

tradition and wishes to add link by link to the chain of tradition but doesn’t not wish to break the

chain. These words of Cox had a profound impact on me. Following graduation I will fully

dedicate myself to my own picture making and teaching at Ara Boston and international

workshops. Eventually I also wish to open my own atelier.

I long for the means to complete my training in the final year to come. The birth of my daughter

has brought on an increased financial burden and to this I say, challenge accepted! The

heartwarming wholesome feeling of fatherhood combined with an extraordinary woman by my

side making sure that I have the precious time available to teach and paint has been fuel to my

fire. I have never been more dedicated to continue this life as a professional artist and

instructor, for my personal fulfillment, the benefit my current and future students as well as


Eric Johnson (b. 1993 Florida) 1.716.785.8084

Instagram: Eric_Johnson_Arts Website: (currently down for reworking)


Eric Johnson, 25, was born in Tampa Bay, Florida and raised in Western New York.

From 2012 to 2014, he worked primarily as the founder and teacher of a nonprofit

organization. In 2014, after being awarded a one-year full scholarship to study in Boston

at the Academy of Realist Art Boston which focused and honed his abilities. Since then,

Eric has become a full time instructor at ARA Boston, as well a paint and pigment

maker. In 2016 and 2017 Eric was honored to receive a 3rd and 2nd place award from

the ARC Scholarship. He also won 1st place for the Stacy scholarship from the National

Cowboy Museum. Most recently Eric has been studying as the pupil of Boston painter

Thomas Dunlay to learn the Boston School way of painting landscapes.

Eric is currently working out of his home studio and ARA studio in Boston, MA where he

is developing a body of work that explores his personal perception of the human

experience along with creating a series of painting based on each pigment and its

historic/ symbolic nature which are made exclusively from life using paints that he has

made by hand. His paintings can be found in private collections locally and




● Silver Creek Central, Advanced Regents Diploma


● Academy of Realist Art Boston

Solo Exhibitions


● “Perception" Kangaroo Art Cafe, Fredonia,NY .

● “Altered State” Kangaroo Art Cafe, Fredonia, NY.

● "Grand Opening" Eric Johnson Art Studio Inc., Irving NY.

Group Exhibitions


● “Award Ceremony”, Adams Art Gallery, Fredonia, New York

● "Who ArtYou" Design Library, Milan, Italy


● "RO Foundation Charity Art Auction" EricJohnson Art Studio, Irving NY.

● "Figuritivas '13" Pre Selected . MEAM. Barcelona, Spain.


● "Untitled" Enjoy the Journey Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY


● Art Renewal Salon- Finalist

● Richeson Figure and Portrait


● Sights Unseen, Abend Gallery

● Richeson Sill Life and Floral

● Art Renewal Center Salon- Finalist


● Richeson Small Works

Awards and Scholarships


● 1st place, Adamas Art Gallery, Fredonia NY.


● Academy of Realist Art Boston- One year full scholarship


● Center for Academic Study and Naturalistic Painting, Plein Air Competition 3rd place

● ARC 2016 Scholarship-3rd Place


● National Cowboy Museum, Stacey Scholarship-1st Place

● Art Renewal Center Scholarship- 2nd Place


2013 United Arts Appeal Fellowship


Family Help Center, Buffalo, NY Private Collections,

Pheonix AZ Private Collections, Tampa,

FL Private Collections, Sarasota,

FL Private Collections,

Buffalo, NY Private Collections,

Boston, MA Private Collections


"Eric Johnson Art Studio Auction brightens picture for RO Foundation" Dunkirk Observer, New

York. 2012.

"Charity Art Auction Set for Saturday" Dunkirk Observer, New York. 2012.

"The Artist Within" Dunkirk Observer, New York. 2012.

Teaching/ employment


Instructor, Academy of Realist Art

Framer, Boston Art and Framing


Main Instructor, Eric Johnson Art Studio

Charity Work

2012- Charity Art Auction Raised $2475

2013- High School Art Competition Raised $750