Kristina Djordjevic

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Kristina Djordjevic

Aged 22

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art

Instructor(s): Hans Peter Szameit, Sanna Tomac, James Russel Cowper, Miles Johnston

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  • Artworks

Nike of Samothrace

Oil on canvas

110 x 65 cms (43 1/4 x 25 1/2 ins)


Chalk and charcoal on hand-toned paper

105 x 66 cms (41 1/4 x 25 3/4 ins)


Chalk and charcoal

75 x 56 cms (29 1/2 x 22 ins)


Oil on canvas

26 x 22 cms (10 x 8 1/2 ins)


Chalk and charcoal

75 x 56 cms (29 1/2 x 22 ins)


Chalk and charcoal

45 x 37 cms (17 1/2 x 14 1/2 ins)

Danica roses

Oil on panel

26 x 15 cms (10 x 5 3/4 ins)


Oil on canvas

68 x 34 cms (26 3/4 x 13 1/4 ins)

Axel portrait 2

Chalk and charcoal

37 x 27 cms (14 1/2 x 10 1/2 ins)


I have been studying realist art full-time since 2015, but dreamed of doing so for a long time before that. I spent several years attending regular art schools, since there were no ateliers in my home country, but pursuing realist art was often frowned upon there. After some time I had the ability to move to Sweden and attend the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, where I currently reside.


My long term aspirations in art are to fully emulate the 19th century painters that I adore, to educate myself to become a truly skillful painter that can stand the test of time. What I have always loved are the great big historical paintings of the past; there is nothing quite like those awe-inspiring epics. I want to invite the viewer to take a look into the past through the lens which I provide, and for them to believe in it. Through my career I want to learn how to convincingly portray life through painting and share this with as many people as I can -- for as long as I can.


I would not have gotten as far as I have without the help of friends and family, but without any help in the form of possible student aid it is difficult to afford enough materials for the last few terms of my education. This is why I'm applying for this scholarship, and it would help immensely.



Artist resume




Name: Kristina Djordjevic


Adress: Fredsdalsgatan 2D
C/O Felix Jansson
272 34 Simrishamn


Phone: +46 73 64 31 389




Place of birth: Belgrade


Date of birth: 24-05-1996






Annual Easter Exhibition SARA 2018


Strips!! museum 2017


Annual Easter Exhibition SARA 2016






Swedish Academy of realist art 2015 – 2019 ( currently studying)