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All winners, honorable mentions, finalists and semi-finalists will have their entries accompanied by their name and artwork details displayed on the ARC website. Biography, photo of the artist and painting descriptions provided during the entry process may also be shown for all qualifying works. All winners, honorable mentions, and finalists will be featured in the 15th International ARC Salon Book, "International Realism". In addition, all winners and honorable mentions will receive an award certificate suitable for framing.

Traveling Exhibition of Selected Works

The show will consist of approximately 75 to 100 works from the 15th International ARC Salon Competition and travel to a minimum of two locations. The show will first open in New York City in June/ July of 2021 before traveling to the MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern), in Barcelona, Spain where it will be on view from October 8 – December 12th, 2021. The 15th ARC Salon Exhibition will hang alongside the MEAM’s representational painting and sculpture competition, Figurativas. A joint award ceremony will be held on October 8th at the MEAM. This awe-inspiring international event will have artists from all over the world present and hundreds of people in attendance, showcasing the true international nature and collaborative spirit of this new wave in contemporary art. Additional venues and dates will be published to this description as we finish finalizing this International event. We will also be providing an opportunity for qualifying artists to sell their works at these venues if the artist chooses to make them available for sale. Please note, availability of your work for the traveling exhibition is not required for entry into the ARC Salon Competition or for winning the top awards in the ARC Salon Competition.

13th ARC salon exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York City, New York
13th ARC salon exhibition, Sotheby's, Los Angeles
12th ARC Salon and Figurativas Award Ceremonies, MEAM, Barcelona Spain

14th ARC Salon Exhibition, MEAM, Barcelona

14th ARC Salon Award Ceremony, MEAM, Barcelona

Best in Show: $25,000 cash

The winner will also gain automatic acceptance into the ARC Approved Artist/Living Master Gallery with exemption from the application process and the application fee. ARC Artist/Living Master Gallery space in the Museum section of the ARC's website includes the artist's biographical and contact information accompanied by 25-30 images of the artist's finest works, as well as the ability to add content to the ARC Events Calendar and to make promotional announcements through the ARC Blog, ARC Newsletter and our social media outlets. To learn more about becoming an ARC Affiliated Artist, view our application pages.

Best in Show from the 14th International ARC Salon
Gregory Mortenson receiving Best in Show at the 14th ARC Salon Award Ceremony

The William Bouguereau Award
"Emotion, Theme, and the Figure": $3,000

This award is given to a work that focuses on Emotion, Theme, and the Figure and is awarded by ARC Chairman, Fred Ross. In recent years it has been awarded to the second highest ranked work in the show.

The Artist’s Library

A collection of 40 inspirational books and catalogs for the Contemporary Realist artist focused on Old Master and 19th Century artists and including staple publications related to the 21st Century Representational Art Movement. This treasure trove of books includes the William Bouguereau Catalog Raisonne by Damien Bartoli and Fred Ross, William Bouguereau’s Essential Works by Fred Ross and Kara Lysandra Ross, William Godward: The Eclipse of Classicism by Vern G. Swanson, Frank Dicksee: His Art and Life by Simon Toll, Twilight of Painting by Ives Gammell, The Boston Painters by Ives Gammell, Dictionary of Human Form by Ted Seth Jacobs, The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing by Anthony Rider, Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides, Classical Drawing Atelier by Juliette Aristides, Richard F. Lack Catalogue Raisonne by Gary Christensen, a full set of the first 14 years of ARC Salon Catalogs, and much more, including some original publications from the 19th century. This award winner will be selected by ARC Co-Chair / COO , Kara Lysandra Ross and include the cost of shipping.

People's Choice Award

For the first eight days after the ARC Salon Competition results post to the ARC website, our viewership will be asked to vote for their favorite works. Each visitor will be able to vote for up to ten works but can only vote once for any given work. The winner will receive $1,000 cash and a full page in our 15th International ARC Salon Competition book, International Realism.

ARC & FWSD 2021

ARC will partner with Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) who will select between 6 and 10 works from the 15th International ARC Salon to take part in an exclusive opportunity with Fashion Week San Diego Designers. FWSD designers will be matched with the winning artists work and the designers will create an original couture outfit inspired by the work of art from the ARC Salon.

The ARC Salon winning works along with the specially designed garments will be on display with live models for a special event. Guests/attendees will be able to "vote" for their favorite piece and pairing. This will be an opportunity to promote Contemporary Realism to an audience who might not have seen it otherwise and to expose the Realist Art Movement to top fashion designers in the industry. More details to be announced.

FWSD2018 - The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion Night

Exhibitions at Top US Galleries

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City, NY will select a group of approximately 15 finalists who will be asked to supply the gallery with additional images. From those finalists, the gallery will choose a select group of artists for a group show to be held at their gallery on 57th Street in 2021. All works selected for the exhibition must be available for sale. Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. began as a new venture stemming from Rehs Galleries, Inc., which specializes in 19th and early 20th century European works of art. Following in suit with the art world they know best, Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., represents contemporary artists that create original works in a traditional style; works that demonstrate an artist's superior technical skills and classical training.

Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) Award

The winning artist will be given a full vacation experience to attend the Figurative Art Convention and Expo (FACE), created by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and the Realism Today newsletter. This award will consist of the entire registration fee, including the addition of the pre-convention workshop and studio pass as well as hotel and $500 cash towards travel expenses for the 2021 event. The 2020 event is going virtual due to COVID-19 and their virtual version of FACE, REALISM LIVE is currently open for registration and scheduled for this October. In addition, the artist will receive a feature on their work in Realism Today, a weekly publication dedicated to the 21st century Representational Art Movement. This award will be chosen by Peter Trippi, Editor in Chief of Fine Art Connoisseur and B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher and founder of the magazine. The Figurative Art Convention is the only conference focused on Contemporary Realism and features four days of sessions, speakers and demonstrations with an emphasis on realism. The event is a full representational art experience and a great way to make connections to other important people in the art world. More info on the 2021 event to follow.

Figurative Art Convention and Expo (FACE) Award

Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Award

The Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, has added an ongoing award to the ARC Salon Competition, devoting a "Featured ARC Artist" gallery wall to their museum in their Founders Gallery. The museum will be selecting one ARC Salon Finalist from the state of Utah each competition to be featured at the museum over the course of the following year. The Springville Museum of Art is Utah’s first museum for the visual fine arts, dedicated as a “Sanctuary of Beauty and a Temple of Contemplation”. The Museum houses over 2,500 works. Utah art, twentieth-century Soviet Realist art and American art, comprise the Museum's permanent collection. With over 15 exhibitions annually, the Museum is a key promoter and contributor to the arts in Utah. Artwork is displayed throughout 29 galleries in this 45,000 square foot facility and a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden. The Museum seeks to fulfill its mission by refining minds and building character through the fine arts. As official State Wide Art Partnership (SWAP) headquarters, the Museum is home for visual art educational outreach programs to the schools of Utah. A variety of exhibitions, concerts, programs and special events are offered throughout the year.

This award will be adjudicated by a representative(s) of the Springville Museum of Art.

Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Award
Springville Museum of Art

Publication Awards and Purchase Awards

The Fine Art Connoisseur Award

The Fine Art Connoisseur

The winning artist will be awarded an article in the prestigious art magazine Fine Art Connoisseur that will be seen by tens of thousands of art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. In addition, Fine Art Connoisseur will publish an article highlighting some of the winners of the 14th International Salon, just as it has highlighted winners for the past five years. This award will be chosen by the magazine's editor-in-chief, Peter Trippi, and publisher, B. Eric Rhoads. Fine Art Connoisseur serves art collectors and enthusiasts with innovative articles about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints. The magazine, produced by Streamline Publishing, has developed a particularly strong reputation for its editorial coverage of realism, a field of artistic excellence generally overlooked by other periodicals.

PleinAir Magazine Award

One artist who paints en plein air  will be chosen for a feature article about their artwork in PleinAir Magazine, which is the best-selling art magazine in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. This award will be chosen by the magazine's editor-in-chief, Kelly Kane, and publisher, B. Eric Rhoads. Painting from nature out-of-doors, en plein air, and painting from life are the foundation of much of painting throughout the history of art. Today tens of thousands of artists and collectors have joined a new plein air movement, which you can follow in PleinAir, published by Streamline Publishing.

Collections Magazine Award

A featured article on one or more artist's works in Collections Magazine. Collections Magazine, founded in 1993, has published 252 monthly issues and has the highest reputation in art collection and art marketing in China. Collections Magazine was awarded China's most influential journal in 60 years and was three times nominated for the "National Journal Award". This award will be chosen by the magazine's editor-in-chief, Yinglun Ji.

PoetsArtists Publishing Prize

This year’s PoetsArtists Publishing Prize winner will be interviewed by Didi Menendez and featured online at the PoetsArtists website.

PoetsArtists is an online platform uniting artists, authors, art collectors, galleries and other art affiliated members. Their mission is to ignite creativity and connect an already strong community with further artistic and literary opportunities. They publish issues 8 to 12 times a year focusing on Contemporary Figurative Realism, portraiture, and poetry. This award will be chosen by the prominent art collector Jim Seale.

The Artist Award

The winning artist will be featured in The Artist magazine. Published in the UK, with a worldwide circulation, the magazine is written by artists, for artists, and has been inspiring experienced amateurs and professional painters since 1931. Each issue of The Artist is packed with drawing and painting demonstrations, practical guidance, insights into leading professional artists’ working practices and test reports on materials and techniques to help develop readers’ confidence and skills in all media. This award will be juried by the magazine’s publishing editor Dr Sally Bulgin.

Southwest Art Magazine Award

The winner of this award will have their work featured in Southwest Art Magazine in connection to an article on the 15th ARC Salon Competition / Exhibition. With over 40 years of experience, Southwest Art is the leading magazine devoted to American Western art. Each issue puts readers in touch with the artists, galleries, and collectors that shape the market. Southwest Art is part of the Fine Art group at Golden Peak Media which offers magazines, online content, fine art contests, art videos, art classes, and more. This award will be adjudicated by the magazine’s Editor In Chief, Kristin Hoerth.

Enchanted Living Magazine Award

Enchanted Living, formally known as Faerie Magazine, is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted — from a scattering of mushrooms in an ancient forest to a sweet, scented gown made only of roses. The New York Times described it this way: "It's as though Martha Stewart's Living and Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene had a magazine baby." Founded by artist and visionary Kim Cross in 2005 and helmed by novelist Carolyn Turgeon since 2013, the magazine is a feast for the senses. Every issue features exquisite photography, recipes, original fiction and poetry, travel pieces, artist profiles, home decor, otherworldly beauty tips, craft tutorials, and much more—with a dash of enchantment sprinkled throughout. The publication reaches readers not only in its print and digital editions (including through the Faerie Mag app) but also through its massive social media platforms, with 1.6 million fans on Facebook, 220,000 on Instagram, and 85,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter. This publication award will be given to an artist whose work is entered in the Imaginative Realism Category and captures a love of fantasy and creativity. This award will be juried by the magazine’s editor in chief Carolyn Turgeon, art director Lisa Gill, and photo editor Steve Parke.

Artists & Illustrators Magazine Award

A featured article about your work in Artists & Illustrators magazine and a one-year subscription to the magazine’s Portfolio Plus service.

Written for artists and art lovers, Artists & Illustrators magazine provides practical painting advice and inspiration. Each issue contains a colorful palette of artist profiles and features, together with valuable practical ideas, expert technical advice and a host of “How to” guides written by leading artists. Whether you favor oils or watercolors, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators magazine brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four week. The Artists & Illustrators website has hundreds of How to Guides to get you inspired, as well as regular art competitions and offers – plus take a look around Portfolio Plus, the exciting online community in which artists can share, showcase and sell their work from their own personalized webpage. This award will be adjudicated by Steve Pill, the magazine’s editor.

Minimum of $60,000 in ARC Purchase Awards

Purchase awards will be chosen from the finalists and awarded at the sole discretion of the ARC's Chairman, Frederick C. Ross, for the Art Renewal Center's growing collection. Works do not need to be for sale for all other awards other then the MEAM Purchase Award. Retail prices are shown.

MEAM Purchase Award

The MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern) is a museum dedicated to contemporary realism located at the Gomis Palace, in the middle of the streets of the Born in Barcelona, a neighborhood where culture is always present and reflects the charm of the old part of the city, an area that knows how to mix tradition and modernity, becoming a required visit for the tourists interested in Monumental Barcelona. They will be awarding a purchase award to one of the entrants of the 15th International Salon Competition. This purchase award will be displayed in the European Museum of Modern Art on public view and it will become part of the permanent collection of the museum, and therefore will always be exhibited during the months this collection is open.

C/ Barra de Ferro 5
Barcelona, Spain
Shane Wolf accepting his MEAM purchase Award from the museum's director José Manuel Infiesta, 2015

General Awards

Most Ambitious Work $250
Best Nude $250
Best Trompe L'oeil $250
Best Social Commentary $250
Best Watercolor $250
Best Pastel $250
11 First Place Awards $2,500 awarded in each category
11 Second Place Awards $1,000 awarded in each category
11 Third Place Awards $500 awarded in each category
Chairman's Choice Award Minimum of 3 awarded at $300 each
ARC Staff Award Minimum of 6 awarded each by the ARC Staff
88 Honorable Mentions 8 awarded in each category

All Semi-Finalists will have their entry accompanied by their name and title of work displayed on the ARC website.

All Finalists will have their entry accompanied by their name and title of work displayed on the ARC website and will also be featured in the 15th ARC Salon Competition Book, “International Realism”

* ARC reserves the right to adjust awards up or down by a maximum of 20% based on the number of entries received.

Artists must submit digital files in JPEG format via our online entry form. Glass slides, images on CDs and large format transparencies will not be accepted. All digital images must be at least 1MB in size. If you have a technical problem submitting your entry, or cannot submit via our online system, please contact our Museum Archivist Yvette Lytle at The competition is open to all those who wish to enter worldwide.

15th International ARC Salon Publication

A full color book, International Realism, will be published of all award winning entries and finalists. Each entrant will receive one copy of the 15th ARC Salon publication (included for free with the first entry) as long as shipping is paid for at check out. You can also pre-purchase additional copies as the price is higher after finalists are announced. This publication will be approximately 400 pages, with hard cover, and retail between $65 - $75.

Pre-publication price per book: $55.00. (Shipping not included.)

13th ARC Salon Book at Sotheby's, LA

Postage Fees

Add the following for the number of books
Region for 1 for 2 to 5
USA $12 $24
Canada $62 $79
All other international $93 $115

Example book, International Realism, from the 14th International ARC Salon 2016-2017

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