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Illustration Comment from a New Member

From Brian K. Yoder

Published before 2005

On Jun 14, 2009, at 12:28 AM, pat12345 wrote: > But something happened as I started studing the history of
> illustration. I discovered it was really just a false distinction of
> the same skills. And the more I read of these ideas and more I found
> out the more my ideas shifted.

I agree. The only difference between fine art and illustration is that illustration is used to augment something else (like a story, an ad, a song, or something like that) while fine art stands on its own. The skills and goals are really the same otherwise no matter how much the modernists would like to claim otherwise.

> Today I have a very wide view of art. I do not believe in the mystic
> artist whose talents cant be explained.

Another excellent point. There's no more reason to think that there's anything mystical about being a great artist than being a great doctor, a great engineer, a great mathematician, or a great baseball player. That's not to say that it's easy or obvious but that is complicated and difficult is hardly proof that it is impossible to understand or from beyond this world.

> If you are curious here is one of my more recent works done on spec
> for stock art for a publishing client.
> --
> And yes like Norman Rockwell talked about its to close to the
> reference photos I took. You can also seem some other work at
> It's not great but I have also seen worse:) I just try and study
> and work hard and get better.

Nice work, and welcome to the group.