Critique of ARC on Wet Canvas

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Critique of ARC on Wet Canvas

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Of course there's relative truth! The key difference from what I'm talking about is that when we talk about relative truth , we still recognize that there is "truth". The meaning of a specific truth may have relative importance depending on the purpose to which it is being put or considered.

But Moral relativists try to tell us that because truth can be relative at times, that the correct logical conclusion is that there is no "truth" at all. Truth is but a political ploy to bolster one set of people's culture and values over another. But since there is no truth, there can be no better nor worse world view. So they take it even further to there being no truth at all. All things that we think are true are the product of one's position in time and space and culture.

So to them the bus is not coming towards me at all. I'm just as likely going towards the bus, and if you were looking at both of us from the magnetic north pole of mars, we would both have seemingly random trajectories along some kind of French curve that sadly will have us crossing the same time and place momentarily.

But all of those relativists know full well that the real truth, the only one that matters when the rubber meets the road, is that if they don't look both ways and cross the street when the light turns green, that they probably will have just enjoyed their last relativist thought.

There are countless common sense realities in which every day they are proving countless times their disbelief in the non existence of truth, and red faced though they should be, nonetheless they will continue to bellow forth their sincere belief that there is nothing in which to believe, thereby disproving the contradictory stance of their disbelief.

I don't know why the words from a Dylan song come to mind, but.....
"The masters make the rules,
For the wise men and the fools"

It's not exactly relevant, except that perhaps those who make such relativist claims and get away with teaching it to our children do so...well...... because they can. The truth be damned.

Fred Ross
Allied Old English Inc.
Art Renewal Center
100 Markley Street
Port Reading, NJ 07064