Hockney versus HRH The Prince of Wales

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Hockney versus HRH The Prince of Wales

From Mark Junge

Published before 2005

Mark Junge wrote:
Just curious - has Prince Charles ever had any kind of painting instruction? (I don't know if Hockney ever had any, but his abilities imply that he hasn't.)

Virgil Elliott responded:
Hockney went to what passed for art school in England, I recall having read. Which leaves the question open of whether he actually received any instruction or not, but what is obvious in looking at his work is that what is lacking is artistic talent. Training cannot compensate for that.

I'm sure Prince Charles got some instruction from someone, but I don't recall from whom.


I suspected the Prince may have had some art training as part of his all-round royal education. But if I were Hockney, I'd crawl under a rock knowing that a celebrity who doesn't even claim to be an artist and who has minimal art training is able to produce paintings with quality that rivals - in the people's minds, anyway - the work of this great contemporary artist David Hockney. Personally, I'd feel ashamed.