Picasso versus Picasso

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Picasso versus Picasso

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Picasso was a great artist
Evan Millner wrote:
If you want to see 100's of early Picasso paintings and oil sketches on boxwood, etc., then you need to visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, which has almost his entire youthful output.

The "choirboy" is also near Barcelona, at the Monastery in Monserrat - which has a wonderful Art Gallery.

The choir boy was clearly painted by his father and he forged his name by looping the top of the “J” in “J.Ruiz Blasco” making a “P” out of it.

No 14 year old Picasso did that painting, and then could no longer draw a simple head one tenth as good after he started signing his work Picasso at 19 years old. If you believe that it’s time to introduce you to PT Barnum.