Bouguereau Pietà at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

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Bouguereau Pietà at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

From Mark Cummings

Published before 2005

I was in San Francisco a couple weeks ago [...]. While I was there, my brother and I visited the Legion of Honor Art Museum. I had a great time seeing the early Renaissance to Baroque, but when I noticed the The Broken Pitcher (1891) by Bouguereau ... oh boy...

I got pretty excited and started to rush into the room where it was, not realizing that I was going to be treated with Bouguereau's Pietà (1876)! I didn't even know it was there. My favorite painting in the world... I've never seen it in person before. WOW!!!!!

This painting is so amazing. Unfortunately, photos of this image don't even remotely capture the depth of the piece. Mary's lip is trembling ... don't know how he did it, but it's 'moving'... the skin, the angels fading back ... the darkness moving to encompass them ...

Okay, needless to say, I was taken. I'm glad there was a bench there, because I needed to sit down and breath. I was speechless for a good ten minutes. If you know me, I'm never speechless ...
I don't know who all on this list is in the San Francisco area, but if you haven't gone to experience this painting, I'd highly recommend it.

Beauty. Pure Beauty.