On the general subject of university change

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On the general subject of university change

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Kimber Scott wrote:
[...] High art, classical art, academic art, realist art will never obliterate modern art any more than modern art obliterated what came before it. It put a huge dent in its "POP"ularity, for sure, but the passion has always remained for those of us who revere it. The knife cuts both ways. There's nothing wrong with a two party system. One party systems seem to end up with half the people wearing burkas and the other half making sure they keep them on. I really don't want to live like that.


You don't seem to realize that most University art departments do force all their students and faculty to wear modernist burkas.

They have steadfastly sabotaged each and every attempt to bring traditional realism into their departments, along with the disciplined and codified programs needed to train artists in that tradition.

Sure! You can find a few exceptions. But they are few and far between.