On the general subject of university change

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On the general subject of university change

From Kimber Scott

Published before 2005

Jeffery LeMieux wrote:
Fred, Brian, Kim:

It seems that the elimination of modernist modes of thought is the standard that you hold, but that doesn't seem to me to be likely or even advisable.

This is absolutely not my stance. I think, if you read some of my other posts you will see I don't believe in obliterating all other thoughts, ideas and belief systems in order to promote only what I think and believe. I love diversity.

Here's my idea of success in changing a university... I'd like to read the Schedule of Classes and find "Cast Drawing" on it, or "Artist's Anatomy" and "Painting TECHNIQUE." Classes that have more of a technical bent, with teachers capable of imparting such information, alongside the classes which focus on "expression." I don't want to obliterate what's there. I want to add to it. I want more choices.