Friends, roaming countrymen

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Friends, roaming countrymen

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

I think some of us have differing points of view of the whole art field. Virgil and I, for example, have seen the popular and successful realism shows out West for years. I was displaying bronzes in Trailsides Gallery in 1979. The owner told me he did a million dollars in the first quarter. I've seen serious money and love of realistic art for many years.

Real art has real friends. I agree that we need to connect with this enormous, existing support base. Has anyone here seen the Western Heritage Center in OKCity? How about the Autry Museum? (Brian this is now or soon - you should check it out!) The Wildlife Museum in Jackson Wyoming? The Gilcrease Museum? The Art Institute in Kansas City? The CM Russell Museum in Great Falls? The Fenn or Gerald Peters Gallery in Sante Fe? We are not embracing our friends to full effect.

These above are paying $3,000,000 commissions for great realism, have built brand new gorgeous museums devoted to only realism, sell $600,000 worth of art at one show, bring in millions of dollars to local coffers from these shows.

One of my galleries is in discussion right now with one of the top museums in the nation about doing a show for me. There exist many MANY likeminded friends of ARC. Let's join forces. There is strength in numbers.