The writing on the wall ...

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The writing on the wall ...

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Hockney’s buddy Falco knows full well that his work will not stand up to peer review, and did his best to ignore David Stork until Stork’s work and support was so overwhelming that he was supported by most of the optical scientists who, I understand, made mincemeat of Falco at their major conference this past October.

Scientific American picked up on it and Stork had a feature article in December I think which totally disproved Hockney and Falco’s theory.

There are some hints in fact of the two of them starting to back down as I understand that Hockney recently amended his claim to only that some of the old masters only drew outlines with those camera obscura devices and that the rest of the work was done by eye.

Of course, even that’s wrong.

By the way, Hockney and Falco regularly mention the Art Renewal Center when discussing the growing storm against them.