Hockney's claims

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Hockney's claims

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Hockney’s malicious intent vis à vis the old masters is beyond dispute. If he meant them well, why would he have concocted a theory that downgraded the value of their immense drawing achievements, and still after it being pointed out to him now countless times that this is how it is being taken by the world, and still he does not back off from this lunacy?

He can’t stand the fact that he can’t do what they could do so instead of dealing with it like any normal adult, he kicks his feet and denies that they really did it either. They cheated. They kept it a secret………. ”Secret Knowledge”.

Why would he claim it was a secret if there was nothing to be ashamed about?
Hockney doesn’t lack keeping good faith with the old master. He never kept any faith with them to begin with.

His wish to destroy their reputations could not be more obvious.

Take off your rose colored glasses, Piet.