Mystery Flemish Painting

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Mystery Flemish Painting

From Karen Watkins

Published before 2005

Hi Virgil,

You are absolutely right! When I got the painting it was in hideous condition, a total mess. And there was some wiping of the signature area, as if someone, very unprofessionally tried to uncover the signature. [...]

And Rubik, I think it is a very interesting theory that this is a self portrait somehow... that was the next question I was going to ask.. what the symbolic meaning of the chain was, or what its practical use or costume meaning was.

You guys are simply phenomenal!! You have provided me a great first step to uncovering this very handsome ;) mystery man... now the climb will begin in finding someone with expertise enough to really look at it and make a definite attribution, and that I know is quite the uphill climb indeed!!

My hat's off to you, you have my sincerest and deepest appreciation for your brilliant knowledge, and kindness to help one who is just dabbling into this vast, but fascinating world of the 17th century!!

Karen :)
Karen Watkins
Taube Fine Arts & Antiques