Drawing Synthesis

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Drawing Synthesis

From Rubik Kocharian

Published before 2005

Brad Silverstein wrote:
I think this is the kind of drawing that Rubik was referring to, as it lends itself to drawing from imagination.


The Old Masters' form in drawing or in painting is Spiral. The form painted from life or imagination absorbs human nerves and feelings that are manifesting SPIRAL visual form. They are full of mistakes and in the eye of "photographers" look bad. Anybody who is learning from copying photographs ending up with Flat expression of the form. That's why they are all similar. They are basically learning how to be precise and "structurally" correct (they don't have structure). In reality they don't have a form -- a Painting form - Spiral form. They are imitating The Machine and are very exact, but losing the most charming part -- nerves, emotions, feelings that are combined becoming a Spiral Form.