Print market

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Print market

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005

Virgil's advice here is sound concerning being certain that you are credited for every print very clearly, and receiving at least some money up front. But don't expect much at the onset, just make sure that you have the right to terminate their rights to sell your images if they don't pay you and supply you with a proper accounting each year.

On balance, I approve the idea of letting your best work be used for print sales.

But also make sure you they have to get your approval on quality before prints are offered for sale. If they balk on that point you can compromise with this language:

"Artist's approval is necessary as to quality of print, such approval will not be unreasonably withheld."

If thousands of prints of your work are sold it will add to your fame and popularity. That certainly has been the case with Steve Hanks, for example.

Consider also that endless quantities of prints are sold of works by all of the great masters in history. Has it undermined their reputations?
Clearly it has made them even more famous and more celebrated.

Do not permit your bad works to be used as that could damage your reputation.