Destroying modern art

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Destroying modern art

From Travis Louie

Published before 2005

Remember folks, it's only called "art", because someone with some kind of "trusted opinion" said it was. Everyone has a right to their own opinion; whether or not anyone believes it, is something else. What is and is not art has and continually is argued over and over again on this forum and others like it. It doesn't really matter, because the people arguing don't set the standard of what is or is not. To most people, including the painters, these theories are meaningless. When I say that, I am implying that most us will continue to paint what we want to paint, regardless of most of the various "isms" and movements that came before us and after us.

And no, you won't be able to destroy Modernism, there's just too much money invested in it. That's the bottom line. The people with the "money" decide what is "art". It's very much like a weird "stock market"; where a person with the "ears" of the market can determine the official value of an art object and if people with "means" make the purchase, the determined value is solidified. Don't waste your time trying to figure out how to stop the "machine" of modern art or to dethrone the status quo. Follow your heart, inner voice, whatever and make the "best" art you can. Spread the propaganda that entices the buyers to your art, know your market (as Khaimraj has said), find the niche where you can fit in. Increase your visibility. If you are interested in the craft of painting, seek out and obtain the skills and knowledge by all means. Build it and they will come! (hopefully, but a lot of that depends on you).