Eagles and Parrots

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Eagles and Parrots

From Rubik Kocharian

Published before 2005

Mark Strutt wrote:

My feeling is that traditional classical painting is not the historical high point in the realistic genre.
But in fact, Impressionism is the cherry on top.


Let me get in to this conversation by saying that Classical style is good for the Piéta and Impressionism is good for Ponds. In other words if someone wants to describe "other universes" that are unseen to human eye - Classical style is the best. It describes Myth or Human psyche in very real way.

If someone wants to portray something that everybody can see (lakes, mountains forests, etc.) then good Impressionism sometimes is more pleasant then detailed work. Titian in his "head & shoulder" portraits has an Impressionistic approach. But his finished compositions are in Classical style. Same with Velàzquez when he does finished and polished work or does it in Impressionistic way.

There are no cherries. Style is good only in the hand of the user.

It's wrong to compare Eagles to Parrots.