Disney Auditorium

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Disney Auditorium

From Brian K. Yoder

Published before 2005

Sasha wrote:

Modernism stinks! I hate the new Disney auditorium here in Los Angeles. It's a big ugly steel thing.

It's an abomination on several levels. It's ugly on the outside and has no particular design pattern other than random angles and shapes. It's also highly dysfunctional from a usability perspective. It's hard to find the doorways to get in and out, and once you are inside it's unclear how to get from place to place. Some major entranceways are in odd little corners and entrances to tiny and unimportant places are where you would expect major ones to be. The restaurant there is rather curious as well. They have ridiculously priced food there featuring lots of wild game prepared in rather time-consuming ways in terribly small portions, which is exactly the opposite of what any rational person would want next to such a place. It would far better to have very convenient food that you could predictably get in a quick mean before or after a show.

It's the typical pretentious, ugly, and unworkable nonsense that the modernists are famous for. Perhaps some day it will be seen as the last major modernist architectural project. Wouldn't that be nice?

-- Brian