Illustration and fine art, a matter of quality

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Illustration and fine art, a matter of quality

From James

Published before 2005

Hello everyone.. My first post here. Thanks for letting me read all the comments. I have enjoyed the different views. Also I should note that I was an illustrator for almost 15 years before moving into my own art interest.

Now.. personally I've never been able to comprehend the modern art scene. Guess that makes me less [than] an artist. Nor have I ever been able to see the differences between fine art and illustration. It's all art to me. It seems so prejudicial that one is looked down on because someone got paid to do it .. Oh wait that can't be it because I got paid to do a portrait. It's because you're told what story your art needs to tell.. yes?? Oh wait, then Michael Angelo was an illustrator too.. wow, I'm in good company.

Of course I'm being facetious. But really I've seen great artwork that was illustration and awful artwork too. But when it comes to fine art it seems the best is pulled up and pointed to as an example. It should be the best they are Masters aren't they? But then when you look at a lot of there work they painted subjects that were done for illustration purposes. Stories from the Bible, great battles, mythology? Sure seems like illustration to me. And I'm sure they got paid. After all, we all know paint cost[s] money.

Well, this being said, I hope I've not offended anyone. I certainly have enjoyed the postings.