Starry Night

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Starry Night

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

I'm still thinking about what Fred says about prestige. Was at a car show once, looked over at the guy beside me and it was Reggie Jackson. That impressed me. He was dressed like everyone else, all by himself yet it was kind of a deal. He wasn't on the ball field where his reputation was either yet the celebrity remained.

I began as artist that disdained Van Gogh while all my fellow students loved him. I very slowly have come to admire his work ... (about 10% of his late oils) for the design and composition. I still admire those yet I don't know how open-minded my assessment ever can be. I've read his letters to Theo etc. I do think that my own fondness for design and sensitivity to it had increased at the same time as my appreciation for him has. This must be correlated to some degree.

Sometimes it is easiest to appreciate design and composition when other aspects of paintings are absent. Indeed no-one raves about Vinny's drawing or aerial perspective for example. Conversely, I think this is why few people appreciate Sargent or Bouguereau's compositional skills; there's so much else to like.