Hockney the Hackneyed

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Hockney the Hackneyed

From Brian K. Yoder

Published before 2005

That's similar to my general experience with MFAs. 90% of the ones I have talked to don't know the first thing about art, art history, or the best artists. In one case I mentioned the French Academy and they had no idea what I was talking about. In another case I mentioned Maxfield Parrish, Alma-Tadema, Leighton, Ingres, and David, and they were completely clueless about who they were. On another occasion I mentioned that some painting was done on masonite or wood panel and the MFA couldn't believe it and thought that all paintings were done on canvas and wondered if it was even possible to paint on something else. The depth of ignorance coming out of universities is limitless.

-- Brian