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1030 Central Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey, United States

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The Academy duCret program is based on the teaching method of the 19th century Academic tradition. Intended for serious highly motivated students, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on accurate drawing, value and color relationship. The students move step-by-step through the program's curriculum. As each requisite skill is acquired, a new and more difficult task is assigned. With each step of the program, the students develop a practical understanding of the materials and methods needed for their personal expression. Our curriculum is designed to not only teach the student how to effectively draw and paint, but also how to develop their ability to think creatively.

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"Creating personal expression through technical excellence"® is the philosophy of Academy duCret. We seek to empower our students with high level drawing skills and a strong understanding of nature in connection with three-dimensional form. We seek to train professional artists with a strong grounding in the craft of painting and a sense of pride in their work. We want our students to take their newfound knowledge and apply it to their future projects. There are no short cuts to the hard work required to be an artist. We intend to provide an environment that fosters student's individual strengths and encourages personal artistic interpretation. Once the student reaches a level of competence with academic painting procedures they will be encouraged to experiment with their own personal artistic expression. It is not our aim to be dogmatic about the finished paintings, if the student wants to finish their painting loose or tight it is their discretion and the program does not work against them. To educate the student of the endless possibilities for oil painting, the student will be exposed to various options through slides, books and trips to galleries and museums.

Full and Part Time Options.
Academy duCret's full time program operates on a schedule of two fifteen-week semesters, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Completion of the program is three years full time and requires the student finish 2700 clock hours of study and receive passing grades at all of the assessment reviews. Students with prior academic training will be given credit towards graduation on a case-by-case evaluation. The part time program offers a two-day a week schedule, with two options, Monday to Tuesday or Thursday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

We prefer that applicants have completed a minimum of two years of post high school art study. Prospective students who have not completed two years of post high school art study, can ask for an in person interview to receive special consideration in admittance to the program. All applicants must submit a portfolio of ten slides of recent work for review by the admissions staff. A in person interview, a letter of intent and three letters of recommendation will be required before acceptance. After a portfolio review students with prior academic training will be placed accordingly.
Contact phone 908 757 7171
Instructors Judith Banyas, Monica Baumann, Kat Block, Dolores Brink, Peter Caras, Michael Donato, Frank Falotico,
Accommodation No

Academy duCret

1030 Central Avenue

Plainfield, New Jersey, 7069