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Industrieweg 68, Maarssen, AS, Netherlands

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Located in the Netherlands in the pittoresk village called Maarssen, (30 minutes from Amsterdam), the prestigious land of the "Dutch Masters", Classic Art Atelier teaches the methods and techniques that are passed on through the centuries from the Renaissance to the late nineteenth century. These techniques show the different expressive forms which have always been in the mainstream of European art. Classic Art Atelier is a small and dynamic school that is dedicated to the training of artists of all ages through a combination of intense observation and high craft skills. The pathway comes from the classical realist tradition that has its roots in the 17th century and that has especially distinguished itself by the Dutch studios where masters like Rembrandt and Rubens were the masters who educated many students, but also focuses on the creative and professional position of the artist in the present time.


A good knowledge of the technical and material aspects is considered essential. The differences between the various pencils, charcoals, pigments, paper and cloths are taught, along with the preparation of adhesives and preparation process on canvas. The different requirements and specific mediums for the different layers of an oil painting are studied and the various stages of under- and over-painting, as well as glazing techniques are studied thoroughly. Also the preparation of oil paints and mediums are an important part of the program.

Levels and methods

The training program begins with working on a specially prepared set of lithographs, designed by Charles Bargue in the 19th century. The school uses several measurement methods to train the perception and to master them as well as possible.


The three year program consists of 12 modules. For a full-time course of five days (10 half days) per week, the average duration of each module 180 hours. The total training can be completed in 2160 hours. Students who already have experience with drawing and painting will go faster through the modules.

Module 1 - Bargue drawings
Module 2 - Cast drawing and painting in grisaille and small pallette
Module 3 - Anatomy
Module 4 - Stillife drawing and painting in grisaille and small pallette
Module 5 - Model drawing and painting
Module 6 - Portrait drawing and painting
Module 7 - Copying the old masters
Module 8 - Stillife painting
Module 9 - Autenthicity
Module 10 - Entrepeneurship
Module 11 - Practical teaching
Module 12 - Endshow

Additional workshops and masterclasses

Optionally, additional workshops and master classes allowing students to dig deeper into a specific theme or style. If there is space, it is possible to follow additional classes.


Registration can be done through the website or by sending an email to


Jennie Smallenbroek

Born in 1966 master painter Jennie Smallenbroek has a passion for classical painting and has studied those same techniques as employed by the old masters. She is founder and director of the Classic Art Atelier in which she teaches on a daily basis as well as offering workshops. Jennie's work has been featured both nationally and internationally. She is an "ARC Living Artist" with the Art Renewal Center, a website dedicated to revival of realism in fine art.

Nik Anikis Skušek

Nik is born in Slovenië and graduated in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana and did his master in 2016. During his study he also studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. In 2016 he graduated at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence under the mentorschap of Michael John Angel. He teaches also part time at the Angel Art School under supervision of Mr. Michael John Angel.

Nik had several expositions since 2008 in Slovenie. In 2015 he was a finalist at the International ARC Salon Competition with his painting "Awakened Harmony". In 2014 he was finalist in the category Imaginative Realism with his painting "Unfilfilled Dreams". In 2013 he won the first price at the competition Mladi Youngle talenti.

Classic Art Atelier

Industrieweg 68

Maarssen, AS, 3606