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The Beaux-Arts Atelier at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a one-year intensive program in the study of architectural design following in the method of Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Students receive in-depth instruction in an atelier setting while pursuing coursework in observational drawing, architectural drafting, systematic design methodology, the classical orders, geometry and proportion, traditional methods of architectural wash rendering and drawing, the history and theory of classical architecture, and modeling and sculpting. Students also conduct detailed studies of New York City's architectural masterpieces through on-site observation and field drawing. In addition, field trips are conducted to leading architecture, decorating, and craftsman studios throughout the year. The academic year runs from September to June, and is divided into five six-week terms and a one-week travel term in Rome.


Admission to the Beaux-Arts Atelier is a selective process. While the program is oriented primarily to students in the design and building fields - practicing architects, preservationists, interior designers, and building professionals - others are welcome to apply. Basic drafting skills and a knowledge of general architectural concepts are recommended for preparation. Applications by persons without formal training in a design or historical discipline are nevertheless welcome and will be considered on an individual basis. Financial assistance is available.

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The design studio comprises the core of the program. Over the course of the year, students are presented with a series of design challenges of increasing complexity and are expected to devise thoughtful solutions that evidence a mastery of both artistry and function.


Foundations of Form
Drawing the Classical Orders
Reading Architecture: Masterpieces of New York
The Literature and Theory of Classical Architecture
Architectural Rendering in Wash
Master Copying
Figure Drawing
Linear Perspective and Observational Drawing
Relief and Ornament
Architectural Shades & Shadows
History of the Classical Orders
Architectural Drawing & Drafting
Rome Drawing & Painting Tour

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The ICAA Library
The Institute's collection, which numbers over 1800 titles and is constantly growing, has been thoughtfully compiled over the years by the board, fellows, and staff. With titles ranging from architectural antiquity to modern interior design, it is a valuable resource for inspiration and research and is available to students throughout the year.

The Historic Plaster Cast Collection
A significant portion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's seminal 19th Century collection is now a vital permanent resource of the ICAA. The approximately 100 casts of antique and Renaissance sculpture that constitute the publicly-displayed holdings are used as a tool of pedagogy and direct inspiration for students of architecture, cast drawing, painting, sculpture, and their allied building arts. The casts serve concurrently as a compelling and accessible record of the classical tradition from its Greco-Roman origins to the present day.


The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), the Beaux-Arts Atelier's parent organization, was founded as two separate non-profit organizations - the Institutes of Classical Architecture (1991) and Classical America (1968) - that merged in 2002. Today the ICAA is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and their allied arts. It does so through education, publication, and advocacy.

The organization is a valued resource for students of art, planning, and architecture, as well as design professionals and the general public. It is bolstered by a growing network of regional and local chapters, currently totaling 15. The ICAA offers a wide array of programs, including continuing education classes, travel programs, lectures, salons, and conferences. It publishes an academic journal, The Classicist, as well as an acclaimed book series known as the Classical America Series in Art and Architecture.

In addition to the Beaux-Arts Atelier, the ICAA is the parent organization of the Grand Central Academy of Art, which provides rigorous instruction to students seeking a traditional art education. Beaux-Arts Atelier students undergo training in drawing, painting, and sculpture in the GCA studios in order to better incorporate artistic elements into their architectural designs.

Beaux-Arts Atelier Administrative Staff:

Richard Cameron
Director of the Beaux-Arts Atelier

Ryan Bradshaw Greene
Managing Director of Education

Kate Koza
Marketing & Student Affairs Associate

Arthur Bravo
Education Programs Assistant

Contact phone (212) 730-9646
Accommodation No

Beaux-Arts Atelier

20 West 44th Street

New York, NY, 10036

BAA students working in the main studio by Atelier Image

Untitled by Richard Cameron

Study for a Villa by Richard Cameron

Drawing for Niall Smith by Richard Cameron

Great Gate, Washington University by Richard Cameron

Quad, Washington University by Richard Cameron

Laocoon by Angela Cunningham

The Boxer by Angela Cunningham

Moudu by Mason Sullivan

Il Gesu by Patrick Connors

Sycamore Canopy by Patrick Connors