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Brooklyn and Oyster Bay, New York, United States

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Brooklyn Location:
56 Bogart St, Third Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: 917-597-2404

Oyster Bay Location:
115 Audrey Ave
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Phone: 516-558-7367

Traditional Techniques - A Vibrant Community

Mission Statement

The Teaching Studios of Art's mission is to train artists in traditional techniques practiced for centuries before the advent of Modernism. We believe that creating a vibrant artistic environment enriches the aesthetic and cultural life of the surrounding community. We desire to equip students of all ages with the strengths of time-tested techniques. We offer a full spectrum of classical training: portraiture, anatomy, figure drawing and painting, as well as color theory, persective and much more.







Course languages English
Accommodation No

Teaching Studios of Art

Brooklyn and Oyster Bay, New York, United States

Elena by Rob Zeller

Figure Drawing by Rob Zeller

Rachel-Lucile by Rob Zeller

Snow Day by Jane McGraw-Tuebner

Easton by Jane McGraw-Tuebner

Caumsett by Jane McGraw-Tuebner

Singer by Rob Zeller

Clash by Rob Zeller

Voltaire by Rob Zeller

Vanitas by Rob Zeller

Puglisi Class, Brooklyn Studio by Atelier Image

Semele by Patricia Watwood

Anna by Kristen Kunc

Portrait demonstration by Chris Pugliese

Landscape by Bennett Vadnais

Flora by Patricia Watwood

Nude by Chris Pugliese

Reflections by Jane McGraw-Tuebner

Preparation by Adam Miller

Center Panel by Adam Miller

Roleplay by Adam Miller

By the seashore by Adam Miller

Exile by Adam Miller

Figure Study by Chris Pugliese

Red Dawn by Chris Pugliese

Red Dawn 2 by Chris Pugliese

Detail of Ulysses and the Sirens by Chris Pugliese

Hudson View 1 by Bennett Vadnais

Hudson View 2 by Bennett Vadnais

Locust Trees by Bennett Vadnais

Rocky Point by Bennett Vadnais

Randall Island Bridge by Bennett Vadnais

Study for Persistence of Youth by Chris Pugliese

Self Portrait 1 by Chris Pugliese

Kelley by Chris Pugliese

Self Portrait 2 by Chris Pugliese

Maria- Grisaille by Chris Pugliese

Maria- colored by Chris Pugliese